Day 4: Rae Lakes Loop, Kings Canyon National Park

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On our last day in the backcountry we awoke to our bear box and cooking kit having been untouched by the stalking black bear from the night before.  We packed up and hit the trail along Bubb’s Creek towards Road’s End.  We had about 12 miles to go on mostly easy downhill terrain.  I enjoyed this stretch a lot especially when we started to drop into the main part of Kings Canyon and could see the main valley below us.  On the way down, we crossed paths with two more rattlesnakes that were about equal in elevation to the two below Paradise Valley on our 1st day on the trail.  They were also near sun exposed rocky outcropping.  As we passed the Rae Lakes Loop trail turn-off that heads north to Paradise Valley where we had started, we had already started to miss the Kings Canyon backcountry.  We slowed our pace, and enjoyed the rest of our hike in silence.  As we approached Roads End we smiled at one another knowing that we just had an amazing hike in one of the most beautiful places either of us had ever been. Danielle and I agreed that 40 miles in 4 days on the Rae Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon National Park was a fulfilling accomplishment and is a must do for any backpacker and that one day we would return to do it again in the opposite direction.