GoPro Mountain Games

Added on by taylor reilly.

I'm packing up the truck and getting ready to head to the GoPro Mountain Games.  This is going to be an awesome event!   The Bouldering World Cup is also taking place at the games! I'm super stoked about that!

I'm planning on camping in the forest somewhere around Vail. Yesterday, I finally I got a camper shell for my truck bed to protect my gear and provide an easy place to pass out on the road.  The camper will also make it easier to pack and unpack allowing me to move faster.  For now I have a loaner black camper while I wait for my new camper shell that matches the paint on my truck to arrive in Denver, 2-3 weeks from now.  

I plan to hike some long trails at elevation, after the Mountain Games.  Weather depending of course.  I want a 14'er, but it's still early in the season and snowing in the Mountains...  That may be exactly what I need though.  I'm probably going to move south through Aspen after the games, and may meet some friends in Durango for some climbing and backpacking. I have some work in Denver next weekend though, so I don't need to wander too far, or do I.