Indian Creek

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This past Sunday, my buddy and I decided to drive to Indian Creek, UT from Moab.  We planned on climbing 1 to 2 moderate hand cracks.  Neither of us had ever been to Indian Creek and neither of us had climbed on Wingate sandstone native to the Moab region of Utah.  Only rock crawled my Tacoma on it the day before on Kane Creek. The sun was high when we got to Indian Creek, so we checked the walls out we wanted to climb. We then figured it was only going to stay hot at that point, so then we decided to drive to Canyon Lands National Park to get my National Park pass for the year and to get a good view of The Needles.  Neither one of us had been there also.  We had "T-Bone" my buddies French-Bulldog, so unfortunately we were unable to leave the pavement.  But we took some good shots of the needles and T-Bone!

We headed back to the "Powers Wall" at Indian Creeks where we decided to climb for the afternoon/evening.  I had not unpacked the climbing gear since hitting the road from Austin, TX.  I organized the trad we needed for the route and while doing so, I realized I had left all 4 of my shoes in my crashpad in Denver.  Womp womp womp, I was upset.  Then the feeling of being upset went away and I reminded myself this was a scouting trip and my first time to Indian Creek, NOT my last.  My buddies feet were almost 2 sizes undermine, so there was no fitting into them.  Also, he is still recovering from a broken arm from a dirtbike accident from last fall and was not confident to lead/crack climb on such an array of metal in his now almost bionic arm.  No sweat for either of us.  

We packed up the gear and hit the road.  The exhaustion from the 4x4 adventure the day before was still lurking.  We did not feel we had missed too much.  I was satisifed with seeing Indian Creek and Canyonlands and understanding the geography and commute from Moab.  Also, I almost read the Indian Creek guide book and history on the way down there and learned alot about the history of climbing and crack climbing there and I was humbled by the sound of it difficult ratings and climbs.  I will be back to Indian Creek.