Lightning in a Bottle

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I relaxed in Hollywood for about a week after getting there. I hung out with some old friends, and began a new special friendship with my friend, Danielle.  On July 11, I left LA to Lighting in a Bottle Music Festival in Temecula, California to work for a good friend. He imports clothing and furniture from across the world and needed to sell a line of clothing from Thailand at the festival from a vendor booth.  I have worked in event production for all sorts of large events including several music festivals, and I worked retail for 7 years. But I had never worked retail at a large event, such as working as a vendor at LIB.  I have a new found respect for Vendors at large events.  The work is not easy building a store from the ground up and managing it over several days.  You have to give it everything you've got just as you would a store or business in any setting.  The extreme heat and lack of purchases made by shoppers made the job very frustrating at times.  I had to remind myself that just as you can't do anything about the weather, you can't do anything about buyer behavior in an unconventional environment during a struggling econonomy.  The plus side of being a vendor is being able to enjoy the festival while doing something you like to do, and meeting all sorts of people along the way. Overall, I give much respect to vendors at all events for creating and selling products that they standby and working in settings that they love.  I won't look at vendors the same again.

The Lighting in a Bottle Music Festival, produced by The Do Lab was a 5 day raging electronic music dance party with art installations, performances, and interactive activities everywhere you looked.  The new location this year in Temecula was exceptionally hot and kept the crowd running to shade and to the water splash park in Riverside County Skinner Park during the day.  Besides a variety of electronic music, at night the lights and colors came out and covered the dark landscape of the fest. Several stages were spread out across the property while art and light installations filled in between.  There were also several performance shows like the side show and burlesque acts at "Amori's Casino", and "Tall Pall" and his comedic songs and skits. Also, spread through out the venue were dozens of live painting artist hard at work creating art that would later be auctioned by, The Do Lab.  LIB, is suppose to have some of the best and biggest clothing vendors of any music fest in the country and I agree that that is probably true.  The vendor section this year was massive and housed lots of competing similar vendors and probably had something to do with the low sales for any vendor in the fest.  As far as camping was concerned, the fest had the most congested and unorganized campgrounds and entry method of any fest that I or festival goers that I talked to about the subject had ever been to.

I had fun experiencing, "Lightning in a Bottle" working, partying, and having fun with friends, but I do not think I would return there as a festival goer.  Actually, you would have to pay me to return.