Making Moves

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Yesterday I left Austin, Texas to spend the summer on the road rock climbing, backpacking, and traveling seeking adventure in the outdoors while sharing my stories, tips, reviews, and photos and videos from  I’ve had this planned for some time now and I am beyond excited and almost in disbelief that I’m finally making moves.

The rush to get everything packed, out of the house, and on the road was a bit hectic.  I had to finalize everything necessary to leave my current home in Austin, TX for my plan of at least 3 months.  I went to Whole Earth Provision Company, a local Texas based rock climbing, backpacking, and outdoor gear company I was employed for 7 years to get some much needed gear and equipment.  Then at the last second I realize my truck had a busted headlight and I figured I would go ahead and get a new battery, which was not a cheap undertaking right before hitting the road for 3 months, but these types of expenditures should be and are expected.

On my way to El Paso, I stopped by Fredericksburg for one last time this summer, and hung with a good old friend for a few.  After getting down I-10, I made a stop in Ozona, Tx.  Ozona you ask…?  Well last fall, on a Big Bend trip my old Jeep Grand Cherokee with 280k miles decided it was time for the alternator to go out about 1 mile east of Ozona at 2 in the morning.  So, my buddy and I had to get towed to town and ended up sleeping in the jeep overnight.  The next day we had to wait for a new alternator to be brought up from Austin, before we could hit the road again. We ended up making some local friends at one of the stores on Main Street.  So yesterday I thought I pay them a friendly visit and thank them for their hospitality.

After stopping in Fort Stockton it began to pour down rain in the desert for about an hour and a half of driving.  The smell of the desert Creosote hit the air and filled the truck with its’ soothing aroma.  The rain was not a nuisance and actually kept me company as I negotiated 18-wheelers.  As I drove around the mountains near the eastbound 50-mile border patrol inspection station I realized I was on my way for a summer of adventure and I became excited and started cheering with the new album Daft Punk jamming out.  It always feels so good to me to hit the road, but especially this time.

I arrived in El Paso around 9pm just in time to meet some friends for drinks.  We are all here and ready for Neon Desert Music Festival in Downtown El Paso.  Last year, I had a blast with my crew of friends and really awesome people and I’m looking to doing it all over this year.  Photos soon to come. 

Check out the photo I posted on Instagram.