Moab 4x4

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Two days ago my buddy and I drove from Denver, CO to Moab, Utah.  Yesterday, we started our Moab experience by making the most thrilling all day 4x4 trip either one of us had made.  Moab definitely holds true to being one of the most intense and difficult off-roading settings anywhere.  We started off by driving up to Hurrah Pass from Kane Creek Rd.  We dropped into the river valley then came back through the pass to Kane Creek Rd.  We decided that we wanted to take Kane Creek Rd. all the way south to highway 191 south of Moab then we would come back north to Moab.  We quickly noticed that the road conditions on this part of Kane Creek Rd were a lot more rugged than the lowere section.  Then the crazy rock crawling began.

Our short day road trip turned into an all day adventure where we had to crawl up and down several 2-3 foot ledges and had to build dozens of rock bridges to get over the huge ruts, ledges, boulder, and every other obstacle in the way.  We drove back and forth through the creek dozens of times and up and down the canyon walls.  There were many times where we thought my stock tacoma was not going to make it through the trip

By sunset, 12 hours later we made it to pavement on highway 191.  The day long rush of potentially being stuck in a classic Utah 4x4 canyon and our exhaustion from building dozens of rock bridges up and down hill all day gave us plenty of reason to celebrate.  We cheered and laughed driving down highway 191 back into Moab, thrilled we made it off Kane Creek Rd.  We celebrated with a dip in a pool, some local Craft Brews and a tasty dinner.  Again, Moab holds true to being one of the most intense and difficult off-roading settings anywhere and I'm proud of our accomplishments yesterday.