Neon Desert

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The Neon Desert Music Festival this past Saturday in downtown El Paso was a blast and was as much fun as last year’s!  I work for Red Bull Event Logistics, so I set-up Red Bull marketing infrastructure for the festival this year on top of getting to enjoy it for myself.  I always have a great time and feel more than welcome in El Paso with all of my native El Paso friends I have made over the years living in Austin, TX.  I have been told by several of them that I’m an honorary El Paso citizen, and I agree and am thankful.

There is something about partying in downtown El Paso with Mexico insight that other festival's lack.  Besides a great music line-up the culture, sights, sounds, smells and the architecture of the historic downtown all come to together to make a very memorable and unique experience.  Especially for someone, myself, that is not from El Paso.  Other music festivals are merely that, a music festival.  I feel like so many times we music fans travel to festivals in other cities and places and we forget that we are in a unique and different place than what we are use to and where we live.  We should embrace and appreciate the people, culture, and landscape outside of the festival gates in the places they are held.  Neon Desert puts you in the middle of the city of El Paso and hosts the music of the region giving an outsider a good view of what the city of El Paso is all about.

What stands out the most to me about Neon Desert from other music festivals is the peaceful nature and hospitality from the citizens of El Paso and their appreciation for having such a fun event.  As I walked around downtown and met and worked with the people of El Paso, I always get a feeling of comfort and relaxation.  I feel this is probably surprising to most people from other parts of the country, because of the violent nature of neighboring Juarez.  I feel the reason for this laid back and friendly attitude has a lot to do with them being native Texans, but also has to do with the stress on the other side of the border and that the citizens of El Paso and Juarez want peace and to enjoy life when they are in the safety of El Paso city limits.  I believe this peaceful nature also has a lot to do with the scenic beauty of the city, the surrounding desert, the Franklin Mountains, and the always-inspiring sunrises and sunsets which a lot of large cities in the USA are beginning to lack these days in our new world of over urban development.  This weekend El Paso was given the unofficial slogan “All is Good”, and for me it makes perfect sense.

A special shout out to the Fallen Tree Silent Disco stage and crew!  They always throw the best party within a party eevry year. 

To anyone that wants a unique music festival experience, in a beautiful city, with beautiful people, I highly recommend going to the Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, TX.

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